These  are the Qualification Finds for gmj3191's find of
GC4VY95 The Well Travelled Cacher Challenge: Vic
The reference point for this list is my nearest to home cache
Oh $#!+ not ANOTHER Puzzle!!! by lemmykc GC36E0B S 37° 57.671  E 145° 00.729

CODE            Distance    Date Found    Cache Name
========    =======   =========  =================
GC1ZYCB    0.23kms    19/10/2009    A Simpsons Cache 4
GC3BY5N    12.8kms    13/10/2013    Spy vs Spy 1 - Broken Arrow
GC1J9WG     27.9kms    18/04/2009    Peninsula Border Line TB & GC Lounge
GC8D73        36.3kms    1/08/2012    Aeroplane Gelli
GC4A6CR     45.6kms    10/05/2014    Dog-gone Flinders Arrow
GCJWRB      55.4kms    15/06/2010    Gunnamatta Views
GC2X78E      62.2kms    10/05/2014    Barwon - Letter Box
GC4NC2K    75.1kms    17/10/2013    Go Go Go, Northbound
GC1E7F        82.6kms    16/06/2002    Allan Ostock B
GC12QC6      99.8kms    28/12/2009    Frog Fest
GC23209        104.3kms    6/05/2014    The Woolshed
GC2G110        110.7kms    8/05/2012    Up The Jungle Path
GC1PHM4     125.2kms    9/01/2010    Foster Overlook
GC104XM    132.2kms    12/04/2010    Maygar's Men
GCKYX7      143.2kms    20/11/2012    A rest by seven creeks
GC44Q4J      157.7kms    19/01/2014    Poke out your......
GC27007      163.5kms    11/01/2011    Audience with the Bishop
GC13HY4    176.5kms    11/09/2013    Jacko痴 Place
GC23CQN    182.7kms    19/08/2012    My Barks worse than my Bite
GC246DJ      192.5kms    19/08/2012    Inglewood's Old Footy Shed
GCX6XQ      208.1kms    23/11/2011    Roadside Rivergum
GC3RH7P     214.6kms    31/08/2012    Nibz Crib
GCVAAY      225.8kms    5/11/2009    Robyn's Views
GC12799      235.2kms    5/11/2009    Crikey Mate
GC2W637    243.8kms    17/10/2013    A Nation's Defense
GC1AM7P    257.5kms    5/11/2009    Robbing Rich Cobb & Co
GC33XHT    264.5kms    19/05/2014    Sumsion Gardens
GC3GA05    275.4kms    19/05/2014    Hole in the Hill
GC30GVE    284.9kms    13/10/2011    Police Horses Dined Here
GCQBAR     296.7kms    17/10/2013    Wings on Newell
GCG6H5       302.3kms    24/11/2010    Lookout, Snowy!
GC2KZWG    315kms    13/10/2011    Aloobmid
GC14WRG    323.7kms    19/03/2012    Sapphire 19-3668
GCNEFX       333kms    7/03/2011    Kosciuszko Tops
GC1K9K3    347.8kms    7/03/2011    SkiTube
GCYT10       354.6kms    18/10/2011    Borders Bottom
GC3023        363.3kms    7/03/2011    Pointing Pole
GCR3F5       373.1kms    7/03/2011    Spectacular Spillway
GC6312        381.1kms    6/12/2003    Hey Hey Hay
GC46X0W    391.8kms    17/10/2013    Old Boiler
GC44FA0     400.7kms    29/10/2013    Snowy Mountains Highway
GC4B8YW    415.5kms    5/07/2014    Border Bugs
GC131EE       423.8kms    24/11/2010    Popular Pine Rest
GC20C71      434.8kms    17/10/2013    Home of the Kelpie
GC3FXBJ      444.2kms    5/07/2014    Pambula Power Trail 1 - Food
GCMQKY      452.3kms    24/11/2010    Southern Gates
GC3H3WQ    465kms    11/06/2013    Phill It Up
GC2WNET    470.6kms    12/06/2013    Gut Buster
GCWETA      488.8kms    28/03/2011    Blast It!
GC4446R      491.7kms    17/10/2013    Welcome to Wyalong
GC4TW3N    505.2kms    5/07/2014    Lion Park Moruya
GC3WDD9    519.3kms    22/11/2012    The G U N in Gunning
GC35TW1      521.6kms    22/11/2012    Gunning Rocks!
GC17G5D      531.8kms    29/03/2011    Loontiteternairrelehoiner (2)
GC2KWMV    543.4kms    28/03/2011    Top of the Pass
GC24QYR      558.9kms    30/08/2012    Welcome to Loxton
GC173D9       563.4kms    2/04/2011    The Tynwald Tin
GC2X533       578.6kms    14/10/2011    Dukes drive - Tailem Bend
GC21EXP    586.8kms    23/11/2010    Great Southern Road - Paddys River
GC2MXZ3    595.3kms    22/11/2012    Execution Stone
GC35QJP    605kms    22/11/2011    Budzilla's Mini Fine Art Cache
GC2FZNJ    618.4kms    20/08/2012    Hart Lagoon
GC2N312    623.5kms    17/10/2011    Welcome To Middleton - East
GC20A23    632.5kms    31/03/2011    Musical Cape
GC1ZYAG    645.4kms    23/11/2010    The Gateway to the Dams
GC4A9F9    657.6kms    29/06/2014    Nutty
GCQHDQ    665.5kms    16/10/2011    The Bridge of Death!
GC35W1C    671.6kms    22/03/2012    Leura Cascades
GC2F75    689.4kms    17/12/2004    Yankee Creek
GCR8AW    691.5kms    26/03/2012    Mulberry Memories
GC2B5CD    705kms    21/11/2010    Botany Bay By Bike #6
GC176V1    719.2kms    21/11/2011    Quiet Triangle
GC1T2VG    721.3kms    25/03/2012    HMAS Rushcutter
GC3D5XJ    737.7kms    25/11/2012    Kara's crafty cache
GC1PKBV    741.5kms    2/11/2009    Broken Hill Tour #1
GCT91C    758.2kms    29/06/2014    Gosford Gateway II
GC2HFNW    767.6kms    20/08/2012    Terowie Car Yard
GC1RD98    770.4kms    18/10/2013    Tooraweenah
GC1KKBF    786.6kms    20/08/2012    Peterborough or Petersburg?
GC3AFYX    799.5kms    30/06/2014    Muddy Lake Hatchery
GC4N04V    807.4kms    28/10/2013    Fishing Point #1
GC1BJV9    810.3kms    2/07/2014    The Gardens Amongst The Vines
GC3NM8Z    821.8kms    29/08/2012    Giant Gum Tree
GCXYT7    834.9kms    2/07/2014    Views From Morpeth
GC25D7Z    843.2kms    1/07/2014    Newcastle Airport TB Hotel
GC1M74Z    853.7kms    28/10/2013    Port Stephens - TB Hotel
GCT5K8    864.5kms    18/10/2013    Pilliga on Newell
GC2FCPN    872.1kms    29/08/2012    Galah
GCP178    888.5kms    18/10/2013    Nowhere on Newell
GC2MDMC    891.4kms    28/10/2013    Nerong waterfront
GCGF3J    907.7kms    21/08/2012    King Hit
GC3ND8D    913.7kms    21/08/2012    The Owlery
GCGZYN    922.7kms    23/08/2012    Sacre Cache
GC2BTMY    935.4kms    23/08/2012    Yanyanna the Hutt
GC128HN    943.1kms    28/10/2013    Talawahl Rest Area
GCG1H6    959.4kms    22/08/2012    Blinman
GCNR1T    962.8kms    22/08/2012    Parachilna Paws
GCG7PJ    977.4kms    24/08/2012    Ghan ruins
GC3WMBD    983kms    28/10/2013    A Good Ideah
GCGD2G    992.6kms    24/08/2012    I'm not Tired Out